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SES Strategic Expansion Solutions

Fostering alliances on the highest levels

Fostering global relations

Strategic relations and positioning

Reputation, Positioning and relationships are the key factors in today's business world.

For our clients we design and implement successful strategies for the establishment and management of communication -, negotiations - and positioning - strategies, and establish strategic relationships on the highest governmental and business levels.

Our international network and the professional experience of our team-members adds value to our clients' initiatives.

We will be pleased to provide references upon request.

Positioning and consideration of interests

For the government of a major European country, we have been mandated to negotiate terms and the outcome of a report with the executive board of the United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change UNFCCC. The political pressure was high, the situation already very challenging. We could turn the focus to existing positive steps already taken by the Government and so the UNFCCC was willing to mention this in the final report. This was the first time that the UNFCCC was mentioning ongoing steps in a final report.

Facilitating access to the executive management

For the government of a large European country, we have been asked to re-start the communication between them and the executive management of the International Monetary Fund, IMF in Washington, DC. The talks between them have been paused before and it was our responsibility to re-install the communication and to prepare the negotiations on the highest executive levels. SES has successfully achieved the defined goals and could organize the meetings on ministerial and executive level in Washington, DC.

Establishing and strengthening global relations

For a well respected international organization supporting environmental matters we arranged foreign venues. We designed the strategy for the expansion of their private network as well as their sponsorship opportunities.

Establishing strategic partnerships

For an international active bank we have established strategic partnerships with a global leader of the financial industry.

Also, we have established relationships with Ultra-High Net worth-Individuals from Europe and the USA and managed the relationships.

Strategic positioning and strategic relations

A leading firm of the construction industry, that has projects around the globe, has mandated us to analyze and to define the right market entry and the best place to set up their presence in the Middle East.

Also, we were mandated to define and to implement strategies to build up strong and long-term strategic relationships with leaders of the region.

We have arranged, prepared and accompanied the negotiations between the parties.

In addition, we have been asked to establish close ties to political and business leaders in the region and we have facilitated the access to senior members of the ruling families in the Gulf States.

A strong strategic partner and a professional network to decision makers in the region helps the company to have access to large scale projects in various fields.

We believe in partnership